The Architect

Of Georgian origins, raised and educated in France until 1967, Gregory went on to follow his passion for art and design in his beloved Lebanon’s Académie Libanaise des Beaux- Arts from which he received a degree in Interior Architecture. Since then, his success and growth have been ceaseless, as well as the praise for his work on an international level, including being listed by Architectural Digest as one of the world’s top interior designers on more than one occasion. However, the drive behind Gregory’s work is, foremost, linked to his ceaseless creative impulse, informed by everything from literature to film to his most personal experiences and emotions and, of course, the one constant - his profound love of Art and Design itself.

In 1987, Gregory made one of his most defining moves in opening Gatserelia Design International in Toronto, Canada with his brother Alexander. However, with the end to the awful civil conflict in Lebanon, Gatserelia saw a remarkable opportunity to contribute to that Nation’s reconstruction while being a part of a remarkably vital creative scene there and, in 1996, he moved the company’s central office to the jewel- city of Beirut. From there, Gregory Gatserelia quickly moved across the globe, leaving his signature on a vast array of projects whose common links were no less than innovation, functionality, beauty and sustainability. And while print and television have covered the designer’s creative breakthroughs extensively and the number of accolades and international awards have steadily increased, Gregory has continued in his utmost dedication to bringing his personal creative integrity and unique experience to all his work, while creating a profound sense of synergy with his clients, resulting in works that are as aesthetically alluring as they are utilitarian and unique.

The Agent

Recently, he began a truly unique enterprise in the great design city of Milan with a young and talented designer, Joy Herro - The Great Design Disaster.

This start-up is dedicated to facilitating collectors in bringing their own creativity to the works they acquire by walking them through the entire creative process with handpicked artisans rendering the pieces they envision, thus allowing them to virtually conceive the subsequently one-of-a-kind custom-made pieces they collect while supporting the work of skilled artisans and the culture of design itself.

The Collector

Gregory also actively continues his work as an art curator, flanking his private clients as they navigate the complex world of art and design, accompanying them to international art and design galleries and shows, putting his decades of experience and diligent study to work on behalf of the most discriminating collectors, acting as a trusted consultant. In fact, year after year, he is also invited to PAD to act as a judge.

Forever a believer in the transformative power of art, in 2011, Gregory opened the Smo Gallery in Beirut, which, in addition to its international guests, seeks to promote local artists and designers. To this end, Gregory and the Gallery have taken part in major expos, such as PAD London and PAD Paris, promoting up-and-coming talent who, subsequently, have gone on to major success with exhibitions in major world-renowned galleries.